Founded by British designer & technologist Sam Lanyon, Concept Shed has been coming up with unusual ideas, products and solutions for clients since 2006.

As either pure consultancy or mixed with creative and technical R&D using our workshops and electronics lab, our projects have included industrial & product design, electrical and electronic design, mechanical engineering, embedded software development, human interaction & interfaces, lighting design, 3D CAD, prototyping in wood, metals and plastics, welding & sheet metal work, routing, 3D micro milling, engraving, laser and waterjet cutting, high build spray painting, machine shop work, field trials, graphic design, packaging design, audio recording & editing, project management, automata, resin & polyurethane casting, fibre glass, animatronics & mechatronics, art installations, web coding & databases, large format printing, high pressure plumbing, lighting design, and many other processes, sewing, embroidery & upholstery, either in-house or designed for local supplier to undertake. Experience of these processes help us come up with lateral and appropriate ideas – and quickly try them out – to solve all sorts of problems.

Going from a mug of coffee and standing round the whiteboard to hands-on prototyping and back again has become an effective way to complete cycles of ideas and trials, failing quickly and cheaply to be able to reiterate within a few hours.

Find out about Sam’s latest venture, Climate-i Ltd here, tackling fluorinated gases, the world’s most potent emissions.