AutoWed Wedding Vending Machine


How do you make people value your marketing material so much they pay for it? Simple, print their wedding certificate on the back of your flyer.

AutoWed is a novelty wedding vending machine that offers a quick, tacky & humorous hitch. For a quid or two you get a personalised wedding receipt and a couple of rings.

Basically it’s a parking meter turned good – audio prompts, a specially composed wedding march, a steel keyboard and retro display, ring vending and ticket printer all wrapped up in a Cadillac-pink cabinet. The first prototype lives in the USA at Marvin’s Marvellous Mechanical Museum (, without whose endless support and enthusiasm we would not have made it a reality. Edinburgh Camera Obscura have bought the second prototype.

AutoWed unexpectedly brought us global TV and press coverage along with a satellite broadcast van and queue of reporters at The Old Lemonade Factory.

A couple tie the knot with AutoWed
A couple tie the knot with AutoWed


AutoWed Wedding Machine AutoWed Wedding Machine

AutoWed Retro Bespoke Keyboard

AutoWed Ring Capsule Vending

AutoWed Wedding Certificate Printer

AutoWed Thermal Printer Certificate


See Marvin’s Marvellous Mechanical Museum here>

Photography with wedding couple

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