Carbon Calculator House

Installation, Product

We invented and developed a portable carbon calculator house exhibit to allow users to instantly see the cost of making energy saving changes to their homes. The 1:12 scale interactive includes moving double glazing, household appliances and loft insulation as well as light-up appliances and a spinning energy meter. Both Lambeth Council and the University of Aberdeen are using the product to educate their residents and students on household energy use.

“The feedback has been very positive with everyone saying it definitely has them thinking about their energy use.”

Christine Kinnear, Housing, Regeneration &  Environment, London Borough of Lambeth


The Interactive Carbon Calculator House informs users, in an entertaining way, of the annual price and carbon cost of running a typical 3 bedroom terraced house. It features animatronic and light-up features alongside two live displays; which instantly show the impact of adjusting your appliance use or adding energy saving systems.

Carbon House by Concept Shed
Interactive Carbon Calculator Houses
Carbon House by Concept Shed
Carbon Calculator House bathroom
Carbon House by Concept Shed
Live display showing annual energy cost and tonnes of CO2


House features:

  • Portable & powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Fits into the boot of a car
  • 65cm W x 35cm D by 70cm H. Weights 15kg
  • Reprogrammable cost per kwh to keep up to date with energy prices
  • 12 month collect and return support
  • Custom colour scheme and branding & logos
  • Runs on Mains or battery (charger provided)

Control panel features:

  • TV dial
  • Washing machine dial
  • Thermostat dial
  • Stand-by switch
  • Energy saving bulbs switch
  • Loft insulation switch
  • Double glazing switch
  • Photovoltaic solar switch
  • Solar thermal switch
  • Energy bill display (£)
  • Carbon footprint display (tonnes CO2)